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Shrubland Hall Revisited | April 2006 to July 2011

Shrubland Revisited was a website that I set up for my wife and other ex-employees of the Shrublands estate near Ipswich in Suffolk after Lord de Saumarez announced the closure of the clinic on April 2nd 2006.  Several past members of staff and residents sent me their 'memories' of Shrubland Hall, and I have archived these on this blog. To read Shrubland memories please click the links at the foot of this post.

Shrubland Hall Revisited
Shrubland Hall in Suffolk was open for nearly 40 years as a high class Health Clinic but sadly closed on the 2nd April 2006 due to the owner Lord de Saumarez being forced to sell his estate to settle death duties (tax) as a result of the death of his mother.

A staggering 60,000 guests have stayed at Shrubland Hall Clinic over the last forty years and around 2000 members of staff have worked there.

Shrubland Revisited was a website for all guests and staff that have known and loved this unique estate. We were collecting ‘memories’ and photographs of Shrubland Estate.

This site was not in any way connected to the Shrubland Hall Clinic or the de Saumarez family, we have no contact with the the de Saumarez family. We are unable to answer questions about the clinic or his Lordship’s family, bar any information provided by our visitors that is already on this blog. Sorry!

We are also not connected in any way with the current (new) owners of of Shrubland Hall and can’t answer any questions about the future of the hall or gardens!

Shrubland Hall Memories
Andy Markham
Deborah Priest & Joan Johnson (sisters)
George Forsdike
Janice Whittle
K Piotrowska
Kay Barrett
Lyn Mann
Peter Bowler
Roddy Llewellyn
Roderick Prime
Sandra Chapman
Sara J Szczepanski
Stephanie Thomas 
Vanda Wright

Please feel free to submit your own memories by posted them in the comments area below.

Thanks to everyone who contributed over the years!


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  1. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Hi Guys,

    What a wonderful place!

    I started working at Shrubland Hall as a Beauty Therapist in 1998 on work experience then ended up getting a full time job and leaving in 2002.

    I loved the Staff especially the " beauty girls" I am still in touch with Jodie, Natasha, Kelly, Gail, Michelle and Tammy who are all very good friends of mine and i thank Shrublands for that!

    Hello to every one else who worked there! Lets keep the memories alive!

    Lucy Bolton was Wright!

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Having been living in south africa for the last 12 years I was so sad to hear that Shrubland Hall has now closed.
    I was a regulare visiter to "shrublands" between 1987/ 1995 and met many interesting people.
    I cannot remember the name of the sports trainer who specialised in Pilates. He worked there for many years, and infact also taught me to swim.

    Is Shrubland or the grounds open to the

    Mrs Pat Mcphillips
    ( a past owner of the Priory hotel. Bury St Edmunds suffolk

  3. Does anyone have memories of when the de Saumarez ran a sort of Nursery / Kindergarten at the Hall? This would have been late 50s early 60s

  4. Michael8:55 am

    My grandfather James Mayhew (1864-1933) lived worked and died at Shrubland Hall. He was a 'horseman". My mother Eva Mayhew (1911-2001)worked in the kitchens there, and she met my father in 1930 when he was working as a linesman running electricity to the Hall for the first time. Michael Winterton

  5. Anonymous8:26 pm

    I have many fond memories of Shrublands Hall, my mother often treated my sister and I for week long stays there, we enjoyed the wonderful treatments, house and grounds. We were so upset when it was sold, and I have never been anywhere to compare to it. Sadly, my mother passed away last year. I will never forget the wonderful times we enjoyed there together.

  6. Anonymous2:24 pm

    My maternal grandmother was named Waspe and in service to the de Saumarez family. Her mother,whose name was Grimwade married into the Waspe family in 1878. She taught her husband to write. He became head forester at Shrublands. I believe they were associated with Coddenham and Claydon. Does anyone recognise them?

    1. Anonymous9:50 am

      My grandad was head gamekeeper his name was Ted Scott & i can remember him talking about a Billy Waspe.& I still walk though the estate to see where he lived in the tower

  7. Anonymous12:07 pm

    I had many happy and healthy days and weekends at Shrublands when it, under Lady de Saumarez, gave me and others rest, relaxation and health at a delightful place where I met other friends and colleagues who needed similar attention.

    Alas that death duties closed it !


  8. I worked in the diet room at Shrubland Hall in the late 1970's. To a young new zealander it was like stepping into another world. There were definitely ghosts and creepy areas. The class system was a surprise to me. I still have a memo to the staff from lady de Saumarez, it was so extraordinary i kep it.