Saturday, July 02, 2011

K Piotrowska | Memories of Shrubland Hall

An archived post from the (now-defunct) Shrubland Revisited website... 

Contributed on 19th January 2008
I first visited Shrubland Hall in 1987 when I was in desperate need of true relaxation and de-stressing. I had no idea what to expect, having booked sight unseen. The word clinic had connotations of plastic and Formica – a ‘clinical’ atmosphere. What a surprise greeted me after driving up that wonderful drive and having the door opened onto that wonderful staircase. My stay then and in subsequent years was magical. Wonderful staff and treatments, lack of pretention (not having to get dressed up or do anything-wonderful!) Twenty years later I am looking for that magic again, but I doubt whether it can be replicated. If you know of anywhere, please let me know!

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