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Janice Whittle | Memories of Shrubland Hall

An archived post from the (now-defunct) Shrubland Revisited website... 

Contributed on 28th January 2008
My mother was Elsie Waspe, the fourth of eight children of Frank and Elizabeth Waspe. She married Albert Bone from Witham in 1936. My grandfather, Frank, was woodman on the Shrubland Estate and my mother went into service at the Hall at 14 years old as a scullery maid. She later worked for the Rector of Coddenham Church (Mr Purcel?) and went to Cressage in Shropshire with the family. My aunt, Joan Stockley, was housekeeper to the de Saumarez family for several years.
My grandparents lived in several different places on the estate. During the war my mother was evacuated to her parents’ home with her two sons (David & Eric) and I was born in the front bedroom of the left hand cottage opposite Rouse’s garage (now gone). Later they moved to Honeymoon Cottages. I lived in London but spent most of my school holidays at my grandparents. I would welcome any information about the Waspe family as I am attempting to trace my family tree. I remember Shrubland as a beautiful place but I had never been inside the Hall until the viewing prior to the Sotherby’s sale in September 2006.
I remember Sandra Roadnight!

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