Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm selling ALL my photography equipment - do you want any of it?

As of the end of July 2011 Web Care Takers (my 'sole-trader' trading name) will close for good.  This means that (among other things) I will no longer be a professional photographer.  I did consider keeping my photography equipment but HRMC seems to be getting quite aggressive with me so it's time to say goodbye to all my lovely Nikon equipment.

Everything here has been well looked after, if you need your camera and lenses to make money you certainly make sure you take good care of them!

If you are interested in buying any of this equipment please contact me through  I'll pay for special delivery on anything you buy (assuming you live in the UK, if not then let's talk).

Nikon D90 body SOLD
Includes box, manual and everything else that arrived with the camera.
I only bought this on the 27th May this year!  I've taken less than two hundred photos on it and have only made one video.  The D90 has just been superseded, which means you get a bargain of a camera at a very good price indeed.  Actually there's a little pro-hint for you; you can always get a bargain if you buy a camera just after its replacement has been launched!  I'm looking for £475 for this practically unused camera.
Here's what an expert says about the Nikon D90...

Nikon D300 body SOLD
Includes box, manual and everything else that arrived with the camera.
This was the camera that changed everything - suddenly us pauper photographers could afford a metal bodied, weather-sealed professional camera without loosing a kidney.  I've taken nearly 30,000 photos on this camera, and it's designed to take 150,000 between services!  I've kept this camera in really great condition, but the rubber 'foot' on it is a little worn where I've had a tripod shoe permanently fixed to it.  I want at least £675 for this camera.
Here's what an expert says about the Nikon D300...

Nikon Nikkor AF D 50 mm F/1.4 Lens SOLD

With box, and even with the little baggy the lens was in inside the box!
I have to import this lens from the USA because I couldn't find one in this country.  This is without a doubt the sharpest lens I have ever seen in my life.  Every other Nikon professional I know proclaims this lens to be the very best there is, especially portraits. It's quite simply breathtaking.  I fitted a UV filter on this lens the day it arrived (after I paid the hefty import bill - ouch!) so it's perfect.  These lenses appear to have gone up in value since I bought mine, but I'm being modest and only asking £150.  If you do a bit of research you'll find out that you can buy a F/1.8 version for about £125 brand new, but believe me, it's worth spending the extra to get this F/1.4 version.
Here's what an expert says about this lens...

Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 SOLD
Comes with a sun hood that took me a while to track down
This is the daddy of my kit of lenses - it's pretty much the best lens Nikon have ever made (no really!) and has been the lens I have used the most over the last few years.  It's big, it's strong, and it's very clever.  What a chunk of glass!  Brand new these lenses cost a whopping $1,400!  Forget getting in a tizzy over which Nikon camera body to buy, just buy anything and put this lens on the front; you pretty much can't go wrong.  This is one sexy big chunk of glass!  I'm sad about selling all my gear, but this is the lens that I'll miss the most. In fact I'm lovingly stroking it with my right hand as I clumsily type with my left.  This is the god of lenses, and I've seen them go for astounding amounts of money on ebay, which is why I'm asking for £750.
Don't take my word for it, here's what an expert has to say about this lens...

Nikon 12-24mm f/4 AF-S DX SOLD
Comes with a polarising filter that has always lived on this lens.
A spot-on landscape/ archietecture/ massive wedding group photo lens.  To be honest I haven't used it much, but when I have I've always been impressed with the results.  I bought this lens after using a Tokina for a year or so, and I couldn't believe how much better this lens was!  Costs anything up to £1000 brand new, and I'm asking a paltry £450.
Find out more...

Nikon Speedlight SB-600 flash SOLD
Comes with padded case and a funky little stand.
It's 'almost' impossible to take a bad photo using this flash, and because it can also act as a remote flash you can get some pretty special results.  Takes four batteries and cycles/ charges really very fast.  It's not the top of the range Nikon flash, but it's not far off, which why I'm asking £140.
Here's that expert's view again...

Please do get in touch if you have any questions...

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