Friday, April 15, 2011

Me on the BBC!

Tonight (15/04/11) at 7pm I will be part of a takeover of the brilliant 'BBC Introducing' show on BBC Suffolk.  Along with Martyn and Jason from Antigen records I'll be talking about the mammoth 'The Ugly Truth About Ipswich' compilation album that we're jointing putting out soon.

The Ugly Truth About Ipswich is an album that documents the gloriously creative Ipswich music scene over the last thirty five years.  I'll be making a more comprehensive blog post about this epic project, but for now I'd recommend you listen to tonight's show.  The album has really broad appeal (and has some very famous folk on it) so don't go assuming that just because you're not from Ipswich* this won't be fascinating!

I think we're going to try and play the entire album tonight, which (if nothing else) will mean some very interesting edits of the riper language that pops up in some of the tracks.

Listen online at BBC Suffolk....

The Ugly Truth About Ipswich Facebook page...

Antigen Records...

*Being pedantic I'm not from Ipswich myself, I grew up in Wickham Market.

Update 16/04/11
A podcast of last night's show will be available on the BBC Suffolk site for the next thirty days

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