Tuesday, April 05, 2011

How to give a cat a pill

I was recently going through some of the old source files for Beat Motel zine and found this graphic I made for issue #04, so in the interests of recycling and beating the climate crunch I thought I'd post it here:

P.S. This comes from an issue of Beat Motel that was published in January 2006, and I have no idea if I wrote this or not (probably not), so if this is yours then get in touch so I can give credit!


  1. Ian Goldsmith11:10 am

    We have to give our cat two tablets every morning and this is exactly how it works.

  2. LOL! I get one of those squirty things to give them liquid (the vet has them), crush the pills, and mix them with enough water to put them in the liquid dispenser... that's just SO much easier!

  3. LMAO. Oh This is good, Andrew. I was expecting one of the steps to be, add disinfectant to finger with bandage, lift the couch while mate gets the cat...

    I haven't had quite this much trouble with my cats, dogs, and horses. Dogs are easy in comparison to cats, but I use latex gloves, a bit of real butter and move fast. It's easier with practice, really it is. Their are also Pill poppers that you can shoot the pill into the right area of the throat as well as the squirty thing India mentions.

  4. Speed is definitely a big play in this routine, unfortunately it's often the speed of the cat escaping before the attempt to join it with the pill has even begun!