Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Computers - Music is Dead

CDEP - One Little Indian Records

Starting off like a seriously dirty version of psychobilly the title track of this E.P totally changes tone when the vocals kick in - sure there's yelling, but it's damn cool yelling that sits nicely in with the music rather than overpowering it.  The vocals aren't as harsh as Ghost of a Thousand and yet somehow more guttural than The Refused.

The second track 'Burning Love' has broader appeal and is a toe-tapping bruiser of a song that is almost bubblegum pop.  As I sit down to review this E.P the sun is shinning and I've got a weekend full of fun ahead of me; this song just kinda feels right for this sort of summery optimistic mood.

I don't often like to talk about production when reviewing bands (on account of it usually meaning more to bands than punters) but the tonal quality of this recording is astounding, whoever mastered this disc deserves every penny they got paid!

While  The Computers are undeniably punk rock there's a strong Rock and Roll after taste, and it's a damned tasty part of this musical meal.  If you like bands like The Shitty Limits and Fucked Up then The Computers deserve a place on your shopping list next time you shove your hand in your pocket to enrich your life with another music purchase.

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