Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A piece for my portrait.

Originally written to accompany a portrait of me for an exhibition of work by the fantastic illustrator Steve Larder. The drawing of me shown on this post is an old portrait, Steve created a new drawing for this exhibition.

I guess we all wonder about how useful or effective the little niche we carve our for ourselves in the world of punk is from time to time. Recently I've been reading zines detailing the crazy adventures that friends are having drinking their way around the world touring in (or with) bands, and I'd be lying if I denied that I'm not even a little bit envious. Then there are my more anarchic friends who are out there trying their best to smash unfair systems to smithereens (and generally making the world a better, safer place by questioning everything), and yes, I'm glad they're doing it, because it really does need to be done.

But then I look at my wife, I look at our garden and allotment, and I look at my scrappy scruffy clothes and distain for material gain and think 'yeah, maybe I am doing my own little bit right here'. Keeping an eye on the chemical brands advertised to us, hunting for the truth behind the message of mass media (and other tiny acts of sedition) does make a difference. And after all, isn't punk about being none-too-judgemental? Even when we're judging ourselves?

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