Monday, February 21, 2011

One of the only stroppy letters I have ever written

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A DVD Recorder seemed to the be perfect solution to us not having a tv. We would of course give the DVD recorder to my sister. Sadly when the dvd recorder arrived it looked like it had been thrown from a moving vehicle at a mob of monkeys holding crow bars and partaking in some sort of sponsored technology smashing event. Here's the email I sent to my supplier's customer service department. I'll keep you updated as to what they say. 

Dear sir or robot,

Today I took delivery of PYE dvd recorder (see attached invoice for more details).

There were no visible signs of damage to the box that contained the dvd recorder to I happily signed for the item at the depot. As I’m sure you can appreciate actually opening an item at a depot and giving it a forensic level examination is just not possible.

When I got the box home I was disappointed to find the device simply rattling around in the box with just two strips of air pockets and no other protection. I was more than a little concerned that the instruction booklet was damp but decided to overlook this and picked the device out of the box.

My first problem was that the drive front was missing, I couldn’t even find it in the box.

I am stunned that someone in your warehouse packed this dvd recorder assuming a gaping whole in the front of the device was normal!

The right hand side of the case looked like someone has been trying to get it opening using a screwdriver

Where as the right hand side looks like a monkey of some sort has attacked it. Note also the lump missing from the very bottom of the front panel

By now I was starting to wonder if someone had been trying to get into this machine, the broken guarantee seal confirmed this.

As did another broken seal on the bottom of the device, maybe someone was trying to use this dvd recorder as a money box?

The final straw was that the remote control has a stress fracture.  These don’t happen by the occasional knock or drop, stress lines in plastic result from extraordinary force.

I have been buying IT goods in a professional capacity for around 8 years and have been a very happy customer of yours for some time as well, but I do feel let down with regards to this order, to be honest I was looking for the hidden tv cameras as I inspected this item. I don’t believe this damaged was caused in transit, and on reinspecting the original description given for this device on your site there is no mention of it being second hand.

In the past I have been so impressed with your services that I have ceased to hold stock and instead refer my clients directly to you, I am aware that you no longer have an affiliate programe.

Please advice on how you will remedy this situation.

yours faithfully

UPDATE 19/03/06

My supplier has just sent me a RMA code so that I can send this dvd recorder back to them. They will charge me £10 for testing it, if there's nothing technically wrong with it (yeah right) then they will charge me £10 to post it back to me! I also have to foot the bill for posting this item to them. They want me to send it to them in the same packaging they sent it to me. That won't be hard as it was just rattling around in the box!

UPDATE 07/04/06

My supplier just sent notification that they will be issueing a full refund to my credit card, too chuffin right! In their exact words, "Item ID: 88545 Pye DVD Recorder will be refunded, this item can not be restocked as new". No kidding! I'm still amazed that they sent it out to me in the first place!

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