Monday, February 21, 2011

Joey, Flatspin, Ghosts in the Audio, Paul Hayley, Kneedeep, Grogan, Tom Pikey, Flacidashtrash, ZEEB? Ipswich Steamboat 25th August 2005

For better or (more likely) worse, I've decided to grab a few bits and bobs from an archive of the old Lawsie site and bung them on my blog.  Sorry!

ER... presents - Acoustic Night V Ipswich Steamboat 25th August 2005






Ghosts in the Audio

Paul Hayley

Tom Pikey (on the right) does an impromptu beat box set

ZEEB? start their acoustic industrial core set

Hang go BANG on cooker

I will destroy all cookers

ZEEB? in need of more coverage

Delta keep the beat

Is that smoke coming from that cooker?

The remains of a fine evening's work

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