Friday, February 11, 2011

Introducing Mr.Grunty by PickleTech

If you've come to my blog for my writing please feel free to skip over this post!

I'm really not much of a music gear geek, in fact I've barely deviated from the same set up (Musiman Stingray + Trace Elliot GP12) in about a decade, but occasionally I fancy something a little bit different.  I'm lucky enough to know someone locally who makes custom FX pedals, and when I asked him if he could create a bass boost/ fuzz pedal that would cause structural damage to the firmament he said yes, yes he could.

So I named this new bass FX beast 'Mr.Grunty', and I'd like to introduce you in person via a short video:

If you want your own custom PickleTech pedal go say hullo to the man himself over at

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