Monday, February 21, 2011

Enemy Within, Novasouls, Laudanum, Desert Monkey, Your Loss, Mr Daddy, Waxing Captors, Crow Road - 10/08/05 Ipswich, Steamboat Tavern

Here are a bunch of crap old photos I took of gigs in Ipswich many years ago, I'm sure they'll mean nothing to most people, but a ton to a very few people.  The captions were written at the time, so apologies if they don't make any sense now.

ER... presents - Acoustic Night IV Ipswich Steamboat 10th August 2005


The godlike genius producer that is Ian Crow

Lewis from Desert Monkey

Enemy Within


Mr Daddy

Jack from the Waxing Captors

Jack and Luke Captor

The whole captors line up, and someone playing air-cunnilingus

Luke Captor sings a sirens song

2/3 Waxing Captors

Your Loss

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