Monday, February 21, 2011

Cats drink from the tap

This is content taken from in  2005, I'm posting it here as a way of archiving it.  It's kinda nice to see how much we've developed our house since these photos were taken, it doesn't look quite so much like a squat now.

Our cats drink from the tap every morning without fail. Drinking from the sink has become an important part of our cat's routine. I decided to take some photos to show the world, I don't know if the world cares or not but that's never stopped me in the past!
I was actually up a little late this morning so Skibbs was a little ticked off. Note the almost total lack of teeth this cat has. Sometimes we call her Gummy Joe, but she doesn't care, I don't think she speaks or understands English.

Soon enough I had swiched on the tap to just the right level for her to have a drink. Each cat has their own preffered volicity of water flow you see, they just stand there and wait while I tinker with it. It's not like our cats don't have a water bowl. but they just don't seem to want to drink from it. They'd far rather drink from the sink, the drips on the water butt in the garden or from a stagnant puddle!

Due to the lateness of my arrival this morning there were a few cross glances during drinkies

Before long a queue formed, and fearing a 'pat on the head' from Rinny, Skibbs jumped down.

Despite being the head of our household Rinny has no class at all. Where as the other two cats delicately lick at the water, Rinny chomps at it and permanently has a vaugely surprised look on her face as if she doesn't understand why her teeth aren't digging into anything, although that look could be due to senstive teeth.

So this is the view I have from the crapper every single morning. There are actually three cats there, but Cefer said she hasn't done her fur yet this morning so asked not to have any closeups done. No matter what time of the day I choose to 'pass matter' all three cats appear from nowhere to come and lend their moral support, it used to disturb me but now I've just accepted it as normal, which is probably worse.

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