Monday, February 21, 2011

Bungalow Basher is a domain mentioned on 16th January 2006, at around 11.45am during 'Ring Round The Bath' on BBC Radio 4.

I wondered if the domain existed, and it didn't! So before the program had even finished I had this domain registered and this page live! Ring Around the Bath is one of my favourites on Radio 4, it's lighthearted, irrevarent and I can identify with most of the characters involved!

The series is based on some middle age parents living in a large house biding their time till all the children fly the nest. The problem is that one of them seem very keen to leave!

If you're reading this from outside the UK then you may not understand what a Bungalow is, it is a single story house.

Bungalow Bashing was used in this episode to describe the process of buying a cheap Bungalow, demolishing it and building a large house for profit. In reality I imagine this would be something of a challenge thanks to local planning laws.

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  1. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Radio 4 extra aired this episode tonight, made me go straight to the web when I got the chance