Friday, February 04, 2011

BIKE PUNX stickers for sale.

Bike Punx stickers are 14.5cm long & 5.5cm wide
a.k.a 'Bike Punks'

I made these Bike Punx stickers when the CornDog zine distro was taking up a large chunk of my life, and as I still have a stack left I thought I might as well flog 'em on my blog.

These Bike Punx stickers are made of finest quality vinyl and stick like mad things to anything that you decide to improve by adding a Bike Punx sticker to (bike, wheelie bin, pedestrians etc). 

They're only a quid each and fifty pence for postage, so why not go nuts and order ten or twenty for your mates, so you can all whiz about the place like some sort of super cool punk gang, you never know, you might get good at solving crime or something.

Bike Punx stickers £1.00 each

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