Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ballistics, This Mourning After, ZEEB?, All or None, Dan Foden, The Fanny Pads, Jack Rundell, Kneedeep, The Rists and MORE!

This is content from an old site of mine, I'm posting it on my blog for a few old friends.  Normal service here will be resumed soon. These photos are from a charity all-dayer a friend and I put on for the local hospital.  The captions were written over five years ago so if they don't make any sense then it's no good asking me about it because I haven't a clue myself.

ER,,, presents Charity All-Dayer Ipswich Steamboat - 28/05/05

All or none

The face that launched a million chips

Ah, the look of love says it all

Go Jim go!

Dan Foden

Dan Foden and a member of ZEEB?

Fanny Pads

Fanny Pads tell you where it's at

Ghosts in the audio

Luke goes 'widdly widlly'

This is a boat

Jack Rundell

Jack tries to swallow the mic

As the screams for more go up; some lad tries the 'walk like an egyptian' dance

Ben Deep



Mickey Rist tunes up

The Rists

The Rists get with the Oi action

Al Rist sings his love songs, love of oi of course

Just look at the concentration on his face!

Rists Ripp

Oi Army

When the skins are in town,,,

,,,the Rozzers are never far behind

But never last long against the might of OI

Rokki Ballistic stands proudly before his stack

The Ballistics

Mikey Ballstic gets in the swing

Glenn Ballistic helps out with the drums

Go Glenn go!

a very contemplative Daz Ballistic

Go Daz go!

The Horn

The horn are informed there has been a complaint during thier set

Barnie Shark tells James Shark to stop showing off with his tuning skills

Things Found In sharks

This is a boat get nautical

This mourning after vocalist plays a cardboard box

This mourning after start to rip it up a wee bit


The marvelous door staff


Excuse me mate, have you got the time?

Is that a tuppence I see before me?

Victim Unkown

Victim Unkown project


Omega ZEEB?

Delta ZEEB? breaks it on down maaaan

Omega ZEEB? help out in brudder

Gamma ZEEB?

Gamma ZEEB tells it like it is  

Ian Parsons

Cheers to everyone that played and spectated, we raised £1500 for Kirton Ward at Ippo Hospital!


  1. 'kin hell.. who's that long haired shit in loads of those photos? =]

  2. 'kin hell. who's that long haired shit in loads of those photos? =]