Monday, February 21, 2011

Against Me! in Brighton 22/03/06

These photos and captions come from a very old version of and probably mean more to me and a small group of friends from than the wider world, but never mind hey, and plus, everyone likes photos don't they?

The MafroMobile on the A23

Mafro with something he procured

When we got to Brighton Mafro went to the mandolin players equvilent of a porn store

This will mean nothing to you unless you are my mate Izzy in Toronto, and I guess there's a fairly high chance you're not

me (andrew culture), Sam (Dropkick the resistance) and MRO

A classic photo of Simon Slapstick, Tess Mute and Sophie Legless

Sam looking dashing in my coat (I'm such a gent).

Colin ordering Indian, Jo looking to escape and Mafro scowling for some reason

Andy FPTP returning from a bit of civic duty, he moved a cone

No idea


Mafro, note the fact there isn't actually anything on the decks!

Sam and rory reminising about KickStart

Er, I didn't actually take any photos of Against Me!

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