Monday, January 31, 2011

ZEEB? - ZEEB? (self titled album!)

With their eponymous third album ZEEB? are up to their old tricks!

Two years in the making the third ZEEB? album sees the band at the peak of their creative curve – similar in style to their first album the band have brought back the weird, but with a huge slice of pounding noise and a sprinkling of hip hop infused funk punk.

ZEEB? were never a band that were easy to pigeon hole and with their third album they continue to confound and entertain.  This is an album stuffed with hidden detail and is the band’s most accessible and memorable offering to date.


Part F
1. Lady Gravy
2. You Want It Too Much
3. Ronald Raygun USTCB0924155
4. Adventures of Young Zeeb on planet rock
5. Grindcore Grandma
6. 36 Takes
7. Jeff Metal`s In Love
8. Pornotron 3000

Part G
9. Wookie Nookie
10. Hermaphromidget
11. Adventures of Young Zeeb on planet pop
12. Chicken Noodle King
13. Ex-hiphop Instrumental
14. Ameoba Man
15. Bratislavian Squares
16. Dayglo Socks
17. One Take

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