Monday, January 31, 2011

ZEEB? Third album reviews

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FROM - 21/02/10
FOUND - 21/02/10
Two years in the making, the third installment from 'Zeeb' is a sure-fire winner, with creativity taken to another level and no experimental stone left unturned. Before we discuss the music, I might take a moment to praise the artwork of Indonesian, Danny Tremor – something which is reflective of the unique Zeeb project.

Without further ado, let my attentions turn to the musical mastery on offer with this CD. With notably amusing song titles such as ‘Ronald Raygun’ ‘Grindcore Grandma’ and ‘Dayglo Socks’ to name but a few, you won’t find a more serious and committed band when it comes to the orchestration of instruments. The first song we hear lasts the spritely length of 2mins and 43seconds; however its duration is packed with Zeeb’s musical ethos, giving the perfect insight to this album. It is very clear to me that each member of the band has a firm understanding of their instrument and this is represented in the precise accompaniments and harmonised sections chosen. Vocally, this is akin to a narrator telling the Zeeb tale through multiple genres, where the listener is taken on a journey- one which never fails to impress. The furiosity of guitar and drum work can be heard in aforementioned ‘Ronald Raygun’ where a blend of varying tempo keeps this album moving at pace, whilst maintaining keen interest. Even though it is possible to question areas of influence, there is nobody doing anything as original and refreshing as Zeeb, and so with this, they stand alone as a flagship band for the next generation.

An album I can proudly praise and it would be fantastic to see Zeeb hit the big time, because it would certainly blow the market wide open for more inventive bands to surface.

A very strong release from Zeeb and a must have for all.

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