Thursday, December 30, 2010

CornDog Records

CornDog Records has existed now for more years than I care to mention.  We haven't been terribly busy recently so we've shut our website down and moved to this blog.

Over the years we've put out some really nice releases from the likes of Los Salvadores and ZEEB?  But rather than trying to explain all that in a verbose blog posting here's some text we saved from our (now defunct) old website:

Click here for the current Corndog Records website...

We are Corndog Records, who the hell are you?
CornDog Records was formed around 1998 (roughly) to help promote the small number of bands in Ipswich. The idea was to bring everyone together to share contacts, put on gigs and generally help each other out.

Us putting on a series of gigs that went pretty well, so we put out a compilation album called 'Grand Theft Ippo', which sold out pretty much immediately.

After a couple of years the number of bands in Ipswich went from a handful to well over 100. Corndog Records simply couldn't cope with the demand so we started a new site to help promote this new and busy scene. was born.

CornDog Records stepped up a gear and worked on setting up distribution for our first few large scale releases. We had a pretty decent distribution deal for a while, but didn't get on too well with what might now be called 'traditional channels' and things naturally came to an end.

As is often the case when trying to help other creative folk we realised that we didn't have any time left to work on our own creative projects.  That being said we're bound to do something again in the future...

We're not wishing to boast, but we have been quite busy with various bits and bobs in the past, and while our website might be gone there's plenty of versions available of it here -*/

Old Stuff...
In the past we've done stuff with these fine folk:
Dan Foden
Juci Da Funk
Junk Culture
Los Salvadores
Immortal Alice
Ok Hotel
Red Flag 77
Violent Playground

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