Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beat Motel zine issue #10

The juice...
Wow, we made it to the big 'one-oh'! We've been sitting on this issue for a bit longer than we intended, but after getting 'zine of the year' in Big Cheese magazine and then a nice bit of hype from The Metro newspaper we decided we probably ought to give the world what it (apparently) wants - a new issue of everyone's favourite home for knob gags and shoddy belief systems.

Buy this issue of Beat Motel and you will be treated to:
  • Feckin' loads of smart/ funny/ dumb columns from our talented and (mostly) housebroken contributors
  • More release reviews (CDs etc) than you can shake an oil covered BP branded stick at
  • Interviews (yes really) with The Thermals and a few other bands
  • These Arms are Snakes tour diary
  • Mum Locked in Castle tour diary
  • An interview with an independent horror film director
  • Facts about farting
  • Misguided and partially stolen humour
  • All kinds of other random bits of bobbinous stuff that you've come to love and crave like the salivating dogs that you are
So there you have it, a clear rational argument about why you should invest such a pissy amount of money to buy issue ten of BEAT MOTEL (oops, sorry for shouting). And if you buy it and don't like it then you don't stand a chance of getting your money back, but as we print using recycled paper you can at least wipe your arse with our pages without getting nasty rectal paper cuts.


Zine cover price is £2, P&P inside the UK is £1.00

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