Sunday, April 04, 2010

Lawsie's first Geocache

If you’ve arrived on this page after finding’ Lawsie’s first Cache’ please leave a comment below!

As a kid I can remember how exciting it was finding random hidden boxes at places like Hound Tor and all over the Yorkshire moors. I loved opening the boxes and rummaging through the contents within. Then one day my sister sent me a text to tell me I can use my cellphone to do something called ‘Geocaching’.

At its most simple Geocaching is a process of finding hidden ‘things’ (caches), and transversely of hiding said caches. Find out more about Geocaching at the official website here -

It didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to get involved, so after reading up on the rules I liberated an old plastic container from the kitchen and hey presto, I had made my first cache!

I placed some random bits and bobs in the box, and I’m hoping that over time people will trade with their own bits and bobs. The box is hidden in Ipswich (Suffolk, UK) and is very near somewhere I often go (so I can keep an eye on it and maintain it).

The photo shows the cache log book, a laminated explanation, a mouse ball, a skull stud, a pointy stud, a badge, a plectrum, a dice and a Jim’ll Fix It medal. I’m looking forward to seeing what it contains in the future.

If you want to locate 'Lawsie's first Geocache' you can find out where it is here -

View my GeoCaching profile (number of finds etc) here -

Update - 06/06/10
I have now hidden a second GeoCache - details of the imaginatively titled 'Lawsie's second Cache' can be seen here -

Update - 09/06/10
My third GeoCache hide is now live -

Update - 09/10/10
The first three caches seem popular so I have hidden a forth. -

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  1. Is that a GENUINE Jim'll Fix It medal? Isn't that kind of sacrilegous, like giving away your Blue Peter badge??