Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To you the hacker, my attacker.

By Andrew Culture

To you the hacker; to you who acted so vapidly and without definite aim - but with complete destruction. When you decided to destroy my web server I will never be able to guess your motives or understand your aims. As you sit in your world it’s quite possible you will never understand the impact of your actions and the implications upon my own world. I am unable to direct my hatred at you, for I cannot levy malice at that which I find bewildering.

When you destroyed the web server that hosted my business so completely that it was out of action for nearly a month were you satisfied? Did you consider your job well done, and time spent debilitating my work well spent? I can never understand what drove you to these actions, I have no idea who you are but it’s clear from the message you boastfully sent to me that you know who I am. The depth of your knowledge about me is impossible to gauge, but you wrote with such strength and conviction I can only assume you believe fully in your actions, and the foundations of your quest are unshakeable.

You point out the folly of a security vulnerability and claim the role of valiant crusader (and mix it with the motivation of the helpless driven fool) in your actions when you strike upon the weakness and wreak devastation. By this same token would you also rob the home of a neighbour if you saw the door ajar and a scarcity of witnesses? Would you consider that a lesson well taught? Should your loved ones be attacked and raped in the street, and should the attackers be allowed to claim in their defence that they should have all responsibility voided on the basis that your loved ones were not armed with the knowledge or weapons that may have saved them from such savagery? I’m uneasy in facing the prospect of a world that follows your rules, whereby we must start each relationship and venture on a back foot guarded and ready to defend ourselves against attack before we might seek the glory and joy of successful endeavours. By your design I no longer see the world in black and white, but rather through a grey and murky mist.

As you claim to know me you may know that I left school with no qualifications, and fought for my place in the world. A world that despises academical failure and is deeply suspicious of those who force their own way to self sufficiency - rather than following faceless peers down well trodden paths into the mindless shoals of the great grey hordes of humanity; into deep and untroubled obscurity. I fought long and hard against the preconceptions of this society and found myself a place in the world that allowed me to support myself. With your seemly idle actions you demolished this work, and I weaken at the thought of rebuilding so much good will that in one fell strike you diminished.

So it is with a shallow ache in my heart that I set about dismantling my business, utterly unprepared to continue down this path where effort and ethical vigilance and such thin and weak defence against those who seek to destroy me . Please accept my sardonic thanks for pushing me down a path pursuing more artistic ends, away from the pursuit of secure financial means. In art a belief in creating something unique is by its very nature shellproof against the passing malevolence of a single individual such as yourself.

If the path to hell is indeed paved with good intentions, then pray you appreciate the heaven you have constructed for yourself with your foul business. Wallow in your shallow joy, utterly complete in the knowledge that you have removed one more man from your radar; what hollow victory is yours.

Update http://lawsie.blogspot.com/2011/05/how-i-was-hacked-and-how-justice-was.html

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