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Suffolk Campsites - Southwold Harbour Campsite

Old content taken from lawsie.com, this was written many years ago (originally published June 2004) and doesn't reflect my current style of writing at all. I posted it here for want of finding anywhere else to home it, and through a desire not to lose it.

Southwold Harbour campsite is just up the road from where I grew up in Suffolk.Southwold has been a popular holiday destination for at least 100 years and is still relatively unspoilt despite getting very busy in the summer.

As you can see from the photo above Southwold is still a very rural town, in fact the photo above of Southwold Town Council was taken down a small public footpath and I'm still not sure if it's the joke of a Southwold resident or not! As you drive through the town you'll see signs to the Harbour Campsite. The Harbour campsite in Southwold is run by Wavney District Council which could be one of the reasons that it is run so efficiently. All staff are very friendly and chatty, no problem is too small for them to lend you their ear!

There is no real reason for this photo, I took it along the seafront on Southwold and it made me laugh for totally puerile reasons!

The site does charge extra for gazebos so we make the most of it and set up a wee shanty town!

The photo above shows our tent on the edge of the campsite closest to the beach. The car is our old Fiat which was sadly scrapped after around 10 years of (nearly) loyal service. Another reason we return to camp in this great site again and again is that is is just so close to the beach, in the photo above our tent is no further than about 10 metres from the beach!

Being so close to the coast can cause a few problems though, in the photo above it was so windy that we really struggled to put the tent up without it turning into a huge kite! As you can see in the background caravans are also welcome here. Not many caravans tend to set up in this half of the site, although there are a number of static caravans in the other half of the site.

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