Thursday, June 11, 2009 was running from some time in 1999 until June 2009, I decided to close the site as a part of a huge simplification process I'm going through. If you bookmark this page you'll still be able to view the cam and control it, I've just removed the site, not the actual webcam! The gallery has been archived here -


Here's the old intro text from

Ipswich webcams are few and far between, so about ten years ago I decided the world could probably do with another Ipswich webcam to help clutter up the web. And so was born, and the world never looked back, or to be more accurate it never looked. I mentioned that my neighbour threatened to run around in the nude and that managed to bring in a load of (largely disappointed) visitors and even attracted the attention of an Ipswich TV station who came and filmed a feature on me, oh my mum was so proud!


If you're looking to waste some time on something utterly unproductive then you can move these cams around yourself, just click the cam you want to control then take it from there!

Visitors to this live Ipswich webcam can expect to see either my cats doing not much other than hacking up fur balls in the garden, or me having a kip in my office when I should be doing incredibly important work...

So here it is, enjoy it, because frankly this webcam ain't gonna get any better...


  1. thanks a million for your fantastic webcam - i'm a Leicester City supporter who lives in Rome - and seeing that the Ipswich v Leicester match scheduled for tomorrow hasn't been called off yet i just thought I'd see if I could check out the weather/snow situation in Ipswich and so get an idea of the likelihood of the match being played. Must say it doesn't look promising, unless they've got under-pitch heating or something. Whatever, it was wonderful to have control of the webcam, pan about a bit and even see the branches shaking in the wind and the bird food swinging - those are little things that soften exile a bit and stir up nostalgia for the great British winter (in Rome it's 12 degrees C today, and rainy). Un bel saluto a te ed AUGURI per 2010 !!! Oh, and come on Leicester, just in case :)))

  2. You're welcome, it's good to know it's of at least a little use!

  3. Where's the cam? Not working anymore? I miss it