Friday, May 15, 2009

How to scan and email documents with an HP 2115 all in one

Originally published some time around 2005 on my old (and now defunct) site

First of all open your email program, then pop the document you need to email on your scanner bed face down then launch the HP photo and imaging director.

When the director program bar pops up in the middle of your screen choose 'Scan Document' (or scan picture if you want to email a photo). The scanner program will then open.

It will ask you what you are scanning; Choose the top option for 'Text and Graphics as Image'. The box below asks where you want the scanned image to go, pull down the box and choose 'E-Mail'. Now click the scan button.

The next box will ask you to name the document. Give the document a short precise name that will be easy for recipient to recognise. I am scanning a map in the example so I will call the document 'Map01'. When you have named the document press the 'Continue' button.

You scanner will now scan the document and show you a preview.

If you do not want to scan and email the entire document resize the box shown over your document until the light area only includes the section you wish to scan. When you are happy with the selection press the 'Accept' button down on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

A message will now pop up saying the system is scanning to email

The next message to pop up will ask if you have another document you need to scan. If you do then click yes and repeat the steps above, if not press no.

After a short pause a message will pop up informing you that the document is being 'processed'. Then a new email window will pop up, you can see that this email already has an attachment, this attachment is the document you have just scanned in PDF (adobe acrobat) format.

To email this document just fill in the to, subject and message areas as you would normally and then press send.

You can now close the director program; you have successfully emailed a scanned document!

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