Friday, May 15, 2009

Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Baritone Guitar

Photos of a baritone guitar I sold on Ebay

Serial Number 104041???

Inspected and set up (manufactured?) in the USA

A Baritone Guitar That Can Crush Civilizations!

Literally! It's a Epiphone les paul baritone. It's stunning quality and condition and plays like a dream. A baritone is a normal guitar with a slightly longer neck so it's natural state is B. I fitted it with a Seymour Duncan invader on the bridge so it's powerful as a bull with a bad temper. It's got grover tuning pegs and I've put some Ernie Ball 'not even slinky' strings on it so whilst it's gruff and really heavy it's also damn clear.

I bought it for my band ZEEB as we were experimenting with some Isis/ Pelican type stuff but we decided that we're far too poppy, well that and the fact my guitarist Graham was kinda terrified of the thing, if you have the volume on the guitar set to half it's still far louder than a standard guitar is on full!

The guitarist in my stoner/ sabbath/ kyuss type band was using it but decided to adjust the truss rod on a hot-rodded strat instead, and if anyone is brave enough to naff around with the truss rod of a gutiar then I think they should be allowed to!

I think I've only gigged this guitar once, it's sat in my study the whole time I've owned it bar the few practices I took it too, mostly to scare the crap out of the zeeb guitarist!

And I'm kinda regretting buying it as I'm a bassist and play guitar like a nun on smack, in a bad way!

So I feel a bit dumb for buying this on a whim and spending so much on the set up and beefy pickup upgrade, and not to mention how unimpressed my wife is that I've spent so much on an instrument I can't play!

Here's what total guitar thought of this beast -

They go for about £400 new, and of course that's with the standard pickups and without the expert setup and strings I've invested in. The condition really is brand new, apart from for some reason the serial number is scratched off, can't figure out why and the chap I bought it off swore blind it's not hot.

Click the photos for the huge and very detailed images of this Epiphone Baritone Guitar!

Here's me wearing some awful trousers with the guitar, which for some reason the cat was also interested in. Well they do say music soothes the savage beast, but this cat is scared of birds so she's not exactly savage! The guitar looks a little small in this photo, it's just that I'm quite a big chap!

The red bit is painted on, it's not a scratchplate

As you can see the headstock has one very small superficial mark on the top right, but that's the only mark on the front of the headstock

As you can see, this Epiphone Baritone Guitar was set-up and inspected in the USA, I've got to confess I'm not sure exactly where this lovely guitar was made, but all signs are pointing to it being American made

This guitar is fitted with Grover tuning pegs, the very best!

Rear of the headstock, as you can see the last few digits of the serial number are missing, I have no idea why and it's nothing of my doing! This photo also shows how little this guitar has been used, there's no dust or crud build up around the tuning pegs

The Seymour Duncan Invader pickup that I had installed, this is THE pickup for playing heavy rock/ metal

As you can see, the original pickup is still in place at the neck, I had it on good advice that it's only worth changing the bridge pickup when you upgrade

The glued neck, another sign of a top quality guitar

There's no crud build up around the electronics cover, another sign of a little used guitar

The back of this Epiphone Baritone Guitar, again no scratches! The paintwork is matt black and looks lovely, the satin finish neck is really nice to play

As you can see this guitar is an arch top like a more traditional Les Paul

As with all guitars I have owned, I have fitted high quality straplocks to this guitarAdmittedly not the best photo I've ever taken, but I've included it to show that the neck is straight as a dye, or should that be die? Who knows, it's straight as a very straight thing anyway!

I'm including a gig bag with this guitar and I'm great at packing stuff even although I say so myself!

Click Here for some more information on Baritone Guitars courtesy of Wikipedia...

The end of the baritone story

This gutiar sold on ebay for just £205, so I made a fair loss on this one! Bizzarely it sold to someone in a band that I have booked to play in Ipswich a bunch of times! It's a shame they ended up being a royal pain and after waiting three weeks for them to pay and another week for a shipping address they had the nerve to leave me neutral feedback on ebay saying I was slow to ship!

I listed this Epiphone Baritone Guitar on Ebay on 30th April 2007


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    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. Hmm, now that's a really spammy kind of comment but as you've left a useful link I'll leave it!

  3. Hey, I came across your blog looking for information on Epiphone Baritones. I ended up bidding and winning a Black Epi LP Baritone on ebay a couple of weeks ago and your blog was very helpful in making the decision so thanks! To be honest I would have prefered to purchase yours as the one i bought only has only stock pickups and no red oval which i like. I am happy with my purchase despite this and I'm looking to install a Bare Knuckle Painkiller pickup into it soon. Is it straight forward process replacing the bridge pickup? Thanks in advance.

  4. To be honest I wish I still had this guitar, especially with the hassle the buyer gave me!

    I also saw SUNN O))) at the weekend and have got an urge to make low rumbling noises!

  5. Oh, and I got Ian at to fit the pickup for me!

  6. Low rumbling noises FTW! Can't argue with that. Thanks for the link!