Friday, May 15, 2009

Fender Precision Bass Guitar

Photos of a bass guitar I sold on Ebay

Serial Number N6133514

Manufactured in the USA in 1996 (Fender's 50th Anniversary!)

The Fender Precision Bass Guitar has in my mind always been THE definitive bass guitar. After all it's one of the first electric bass guitars ever built, and the design has barely changed in nearly sixty years! Well if it ain' t broke then why fix it

The condition of this bass guitar is outstandingly good, it may be ten years old but that's very young in the life of a quality instrument, in fact in the bigger scheme of things it's practically brand new!

The photos below showcase the fantastic paint job that Fender stake their reputation on, the photos also show that there are very few nicks and scratches on this beautiful instrument.

Click the photos for the huge and very detailed images of this Fender Precision Bass!

Me grinning like a goon with this bass in my garden!

It's me in those trousers again! I play in a couple of very active bands but have NEVER gigged this precision bass. I don't normally squint as much, these photos were taken on a very sunny day!

This is the top notch hard case that I'm including with this guitar at no extra charge, oooh, velvety! There's even a neat little compartment to put strings, picks or anything you fancy carrying around with you on your adventures in rock and roll!

The classic Fender neck plate

Here you can see the serial number on the head stock, the Fender '50th Anniversary' sticker and those legendary Fender tuning pegs that keep you perfectly in tune

The famous split pickup that gives you that precision bass sound that you've heard on more records that you probably realize

Tone and Volume, what else do you need hey? As you can see from this photo they're aren't any scratches on the scratch plate! You can also see that there is a very small ding in the paint job by the tone knob

Now, in this photo you can see why this model of bass is so comfortable to play, hmm, curvy

I've included this photo as the top 'horn' of a guitar is often where it gets the most day to day scratches and damage, I think this photo speaks for itself with regards to the condition this model is in!

There is a small amount of paint chipping around the bottom strap button, it's pretty minimal though

I don't think I need to describe this photo really, just look at the quality of that paint job!

As you see here, the strings load through the back of the guitar body like the older models (instead of through the base of the bridge)

What a body, phwoar!

Whilst it's a bit of a grim colour, this is a very well made hard case. I will of course wrap this guitar in bubble wrap inside the case, and then wrap this case in cardboard before shipping.

Click here to find out more about Fender Precision Basses on Wikipedia...

I listed this Fender Precision Bass Guitar on Ebay on 18th April 2007, it sold on the 29th April 2007 for £500, the buyer got a bargain!

The buyer was a chap in Italy, I forgot to set the auction so that only UK based people could bid! It was getting complicated trying to figure out how to get this bass to the buyer, until he mentioned that he was in fact an airline pilot and flew into Gatwick a few times a month. So I drove to Gatwick, and arriving five hours late I missed the pilot but left the guitar with the groundstaff at his airline. Before he flew over he sent this photo so that I would recognise him;

To show he had gotten the bass the buyer then sent me what is possibly the coolest photo I have ever seen, and prooves that Ebay is more than just buying and selling crap, there's some really cool stories that develop!


  1. 'd sen this story befor ebut not teh final photo, how cool!

  2. the pilot is holding a JAZZ bass not a precision!!!!!!!!

  3. I know, if you read the last but again you'll see that was the photo the pilot sent me before he flew over, and therefore before he had the Precision :)

  4. Anonymous10:34 am

    how much is the thickness of your fretboard?

  5. Sorry I haven't owned this bass for years!