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David Rhodes scam chain letter/ postal scam

Originally published on the (now defunct) website of mine,

Money From Mail?
What is below is a letter that came though my letterbox years ago, apparently it woudl make me rich, I wonder if it would have?

“I was shocked when I saw how much money
came flooding through my letterbox...”

“I turned £87 into £23,911 within the first 60 days of operating this business plan...
If you decide to take action on the following instructions, I will personally
GUARANTEE that you’ll enjoy a similar return!”

My name is David Rhodes. In September 1992 I lost my job. At that time I was living at the edge of the means and in debt. Consequently, this started a chain reaction that ended with the repossession of my home and car. If that wasn’t enough, several debt collectors were constantly hounding me like you would not believe. As you can probably imagine, my prospects looked pretty grim.

In January 1993 I received a letter telling me how to make over £21,000 at a time. I ignored it because, of course, I was sceptical. However, by March I was even further in debt. I finally realised I had absolutely nothing to lose by having a go, and apart from that, I just couldn’t stop myself thinking, “What if it actually works?” In the summer of 1993 my family and I went on a cruise and bought a brand new Mercedes with cash. I’m currently building our £200,000 dream home, and I don’t owe a single penny to anyone.

To date I have made £582,716. My accountant has drawn up a cash-flow forecast in which he predicts that I will become a millionaire within the next six months, just through this business plan alone. Even now, as I write this letter to you, I find it strange to come to terms with the fact that, like most people, I’ve worked hard all my life just to “get by”, and then something so ridiculously simple, nonchalantly drops in my lap and turns my life around almost immediately. When I think back to all the similar things I’ve thrown in the bin, it makes me shudder, because I now know just how close I came to missing out completely.

This business plan works perfectly well every single time. I’ve never made anything less than £20,000 after each mailing. This is a legitimate business opportunity, a perfectly legal money making enterprise. It DOES NOT require you to sell anything. It DOES NOT require you to speak to your family and friends (unless you want to), in fact you don’t need to come into contact with any people whatsoever. Therefore, anyone with a pulse can become successful and make their fortune with this system. If you believe that “every dog has his day” then follow this simple step by step plan exactly as it’s been set out below, and I GUARANTEE that within the next 60 days your life will be transformed on a multitudinous scale, forever!
If you decide to let this opportunity pass then I would like you to know that I sincerely respect your decision and I understand that you will have your reasons. I therefore wish you the very best of luck for the future. I’m able to say this with absolute unbiased sincerity, because as you will soon see, even if you decide to work this plan, I WILL NOT receive any financial compensation from you whatsoever, full stop. However, remember life is short. Nobody has ever said that you can’t have the financial freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, but you must first pay the price. The price here is “ACTION”, it’s as simple as that! I’m very proud to be able to say that I have fulfilled my duty to my children by securing their financial future in a very uncertain world, and I don’t believe that any price is too great for that kind of serenity.
David Rhodes, Norfolk.


Step 1. It is an undeniable law of the universe that, we must first give, in order to receive. So, the first step is to IMMEDIATELY send a £1 coin in the post to each of the seven people listed overleaf. Do it with a great big smile on your face because, “as you sow, so shall you reap”. Without each of these seven people making a decision to go ahead, you would not have received this letter-cum-opportunity. Remember that it cost all of them money to send their letters out and offer you this chance. Your one-off £7 (total) contribution is all they ask in return and every single pound counts. It’s your way to thank them. Your turn will soon come. Wrap each £1 coin (cash only, no cheques) very tightly inside a brief hand-written note containing your name, address (including postcode) and this short statement, “please add my name and address to your mailing list”. This brief note guarantees that you are operating within a legal and ethical business. You are simply paying the receiver, £1 for a service. Failing to send such a note would make this programme illegal in the United Kingdom. After you’ve sent seven utter strangers £1 each in the post, something very eerie happens. It gives you an indescribable, overwhelming sense of certainty, belief and conviction in the system. You’ve just proved to yourself, that because you have done it, there has to be a great many other people ready to do exactly the same. You have now seen for yourself first hand that this business actually works!

Step 2 AFTER you’ve posted your seven £1 coins, delete the name and address of the person who is No 1 on the list. Move all the other names and addresses up one position (No 2 now becomes No 1 and so on). Now enter your own name and address into the newly vacated No 7 position. The easiest way to do all that is as follows. Type the names and addressees (with you at No 7) onto a strip of paper. Glue this strip of paper directly over (covering) the existing name sheet overleaf. If you do not have access to a typewriter or a word processor, write the names and addresses by hand, in ink. However, if you do it this way, PLEASE take your time and write EXTREMELY CLEARLY IN BLOCK CAPITALS. This is absolutely critical for obvious reasons.

Step 3. Photocopy 200 (minimum) copies of this letter which, of course, will now contain your own name and address at No. 7.

Step 4. Buy a list of 200 (minimum) or more names and addresses from a mailing list company. Prices vary from £20 upwards. Mailing lists are available in many different categories. It is vital that you ask for a proven list of “Business Opportunity Seekers”. You can order a list directly over the phone. After receiving your cheque or credit card details, they will immediately send it to you through the post. It will arrive printed on self-adhesive labels. Here follows a selection of reputable companies that each have thousands of names on their databases: National Mailing Lists - Tel: 01246 209604, Streetwise Marketing - Tel: 01709 820033, New Horizons - Tel: 01270 250822, Maple Marketing - Tel: 0181 813 9868. It may be a good idea to find your own mailing list company by looking under “mailing lists” in the Yellow Pages. This will ensure that everybody obtains fresh lists from different companies. Remember, a good list will always yield a good response.

Step 5. Whilst waiting for your mailing list to arrive, fold your photocopied letters neatly IN HALF and place them into size C5 envelopes. Seal them up, and stamp them all. Important: DO NOT fold the letters more than once or use smaller envelopes.

Step 6. When your mailing list arrives, place one of the address labels onto each sealed envelope, and drop them off at the Post Office. Complete these simple steps as FAST as possible; speed is EVERYTHING. Within 60 days you will have received over £20,000 in cash - GUARANTEED. Keep a copy of this letter safe; you can always use it again whenever you need more cash.

This is HOW it works within 60 days!
You have just sent off your £7 coins and then mailed out 200 letters (minimum), your details are printed at No. 7 on all of them. Your tasks are now complete, sit back and relax you deserve it. At a response rate of only 2% (which is extremely conservative) 4 people will send you £1 each (2% of 200 = 4), a total of £4. those same people will then also mail out 200 letters (minimum) each, a total of 800. Hence, your details will have now moved up to No. 6 on each of those 800 letters. A 2% response rate on 800 letters = 16. Therefore 16 people will now send you £1 = £16, and then also mail out 200 letters each. 16 x 200 = 3,200 letters on which your details have been printed at No. 5. 2% of 3,200 = 64 responses. therefore 64 people will send you £1 = £64, and then also mail out 200 letters each. 64 x 200 = 12,800 letters on which your details have now moved up to No. 4. 2% of 12,800 = 256 responses. Therefore 256 people will send you £1, then mail out 200 letters each. 256 x 200 = 51,200 letters on which your details have been printed at No. 3. 2% of 51,200 = 1,024 responses. Therefore, 1,024 people will individually send you £1 = £1,024, and then also mail out 200 letters each. 1024 x 200 = 204,800 letters on which your details have been printed at No. 2. 2% of 204,800 = 4,096 responses. Therefore 4096 people will send you £1 = £4096, and then also mail out 200 letters each. 4096 x 200 = 819,200 letters on which your details will be printed at the final payment position of No. 1. 2% of 819,200 = 16,384 responses, all of whom will send you £1 = £16,384. The final cash total received by you is: £4 + £16 + £64 + £256 + £1024 + £4096 + £16,384 = £21,844.

The simple ideas are always the best!
Here are a couple of testimonial letters from participants in the programme.

About six months ago I received the David Rhodes letter. At the time I thought it was a hoax. However, I couldn’t get it out of my head for the next month. I couldn’t really afford to risk a total of £80 on my own, so I decided to show it to a close friend. I asked her if she wanted to split this initial investment, and then split any profits. She agreed, so we completed the six steps together. This took approximately two hours, in total. Two weeks went by and nothing happened, no money. The following weeks were totally unbelievable, I can’t say we’ve received £20,000 but it’s definitely more than £15,000. For the first time in years I’m out of debt. Of course it didn’t take long to spend it, so we’re doing it again, only this time, separately. The way I see it, this works like the National Lottery, except it’s more FUN because you’re GUARANTEED TO WIN! S. Casper - Surrey.

I have received many letters and ideas similar to this over the years. Although I’m sceptical by nature, there was something different about this particular letter that I liked. The initial investment wasn’t much and it was certainly less than some I’d seen. I also liked that fact that all participants received money, not just the person at the top position. I decided I would treat it as a bit of fun! If it didn’t work, so what! It’s not exactly a fortune to risk. First, I sent £1 to each of the seven existing participants which I felt was immensely important in principal. How could I expect anyone to send me £1 if I wasn’t prepared to do it myself? Then, I mailed out my 200 letters and hoped for the best. Nothing happened for 11 days, then on the 12th day I started getting some response. On that day I received £9. I couldn’t wait for the next day’s mail. The next day I received £137. In just 90 days I received £47,378 from that one original mailing. The income stream has now tailed off, so this time I’m going to mail out 1000 letters. Carefully follow the 6 steps and join the club, it’s unbelievable fun. J. Holliman - Crewe.

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