Monday, February 02, 2009

A trip down memory lane thanks to a VCR to USB converter!

I've finally bought something I've been meaning to get hold of for ages, I've bought an ION VCR2PC Video Cassette Archiver which is allowing me to trawl through the many VHS video tapes I have in the loft, and archive them onto YouTube! The video I'm really looking for is the short film that I made with friends as a teen, but in the meantime here are three other old videos you might enjoy!

The first video is me being interviewed on BBC Look East in 2001, I'm talking about

Next up is my old band Junk Culture on telly in 2002

Finally is a rubbish fake bike accident I sent into a TV clip show called 'You've Been Framed', at a guess I'd say I was probably fourteen years old, I'm the lad in front with all the hair!

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