Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Listener, four kids, one camera and an old editing console

The Listener is a short film made in 1991 (I think) by Dan Foden, Tom Bell, Me (andrew culture) and Matt Bell. A tale of betrayal and heartlessness in the upper echelons of gangland London in the early 1960s.

Filmed in and around Wickham Market (mostly the church buildings) in Suffolk, and featuring my Vauxhall Chevette, and Dan Foden's cool Mini. We made this on just a couple of cameras with little idea of what we were doing, but I'm oddly proud of it!

Oh one last thing, it was supposed to be in black and white but we couldn't figure out how to convert it, so when you see a pool of water by my head it's supposed to be blood! The credits are two fifths of the length of the actual film, but stick with them if only for all the great names we made up! The live sounding track was the band we were all in at the time, we had loads of different names, but when we made this video we were The Benaults.

Because the maximum length of any clip on YouTube is nine minutes I had to cut The Listener in half!

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