Monday, February 02, 2009

The Curious case of Boris Johnson and the snow

Boris Johnson was just interviewed on Radio 4, talking about the impact so much snow is having on London, and the living Beano character himself came up with a couple of classics;

"This isn't the kind of snow we've seen in London for decades, *pause*, although I guess all snow is the same really"

The man just moves his jaw up and down expending useless energy, like with this gem;

"London might lose some money today with people not driving in and paying the congestion charge, *pause* although I guess most people pay in advance so it won't make any difference."

I'm not particularly, anti-Boris, but it really is like having a PG Wodehouse character as Mayor of London! I may have got the exact wording wrong as the man was on the radio just a matter of minutes ago, and I was busy eating scrambled eggs on toast, but you get the idea!

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