Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nuts, I think I've broken something else!

The temperature guage in our Daihatsu Hi-Jet isn't functioning at the moment so I thought I'd better check the coolant levels are ok. Not as easy as I first though, thankfully some nice people on the Daihatsu UK forum helped me identify the bits I need to check.

In the photo above the coolant reservoir is the rusty coloured bottle with the tubes running through the cap in the bottom left of the photo. It's rusty coloured because, well, the coolant in there is a thick rusty sludge. I'll add flushing the coolant system to my list of things to do I guess!

Instead of the panel that hides the radiator on the front of the van being a plastic flip down panel as I expected it was in fact a clip on metal panel that someone had glued shut using what looks like chewing gum, but I'm sure it isn't. I didn't taste it, honest.

Further confusion when I took off the radiator cap, it looks fine but I can't be sure! Maybe this is why previous owners had only checked under the passenger seat?

Now I'm stuck with the problem that I've got nothing hiding the radiator and I live on a busy street! Eeek, I'm going to have to fix this quickly! My mate Dave came round and agreed, it's a bit of a pickle!

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