Thursday, December 01, 2005


The involuntarily deep intakes of breath emphasised the taste of the air, it was musty and hot, a foul mixture of sweat and cheap cigarettes. Coughing in an attempt to clear the lungs only resulted in a sharper intake of air that sent sharp pains launching like flares across Jay’s chest. Jay fell to his knees and allowed his body weight to pull his arse to the floor till it was resting side by side with his ankles. The strings on the 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 still vibrated wildly, occasionally making contact with the fret board then glancing back off it. Jay mindlessly stared at the orange and green lights dancing back and forth across the body of his bass as his deep breaths rocked it gently against his lap. The effort of another sharp intake of breath pulled Jay’s shoulders back then dropped them forward pulling his arms to hang limply at his sides. The guitar shifted and the headstock crashed into the gaffer taped floor knocking it further out of tune and changing down the pitch of the feedback that reverberated around Jay’s head. A rivulet of blood running down the back of his wrist caught his eye, he smiled weakly. It was done.

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