Tuesday, November 08, 2005

printer won't print

Printers are affected by loads of variables, especially if they are connected to a different machine via a home network, but here are a few things you can always check;

1 – check the machine that the printer is connected to is on

2 – in control panel go to printers, then right click on the printer and make sure it isn’t set to ‘work offline’. This sometimes happens when the network goes down, Windows in it’s infinite wisdom decided to disconnect from the printer. If there is a tick next to ‘work offline’ then simply click it and it will disappear.

3 – There might be jobs stuck in the print queue. Go to control panel, printers, then double click on your printer and a box will pop up showing the jobs the printer is currently processing. If there are loads of jobs in there then clear them by going up to ‘Printer’ on the menu bar then click on ‘Cancel all Documents’. This may take some time. Also try this on the machine that the printer is physically connected to.

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