Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Outlook new mail notification irritants

The ‘new mail’ popup box has never been that reliable, it clashes slightly with the junk mail filters. When a message comes in the popup box appears to pop up no matter what the message is. If outlook as identified this email as being junk then it will remove it to the junk folder. This means that when you click ‘yes’ then you’ll get the next message along in the inbox. This is a similar bug to the one that leaves the ‘new mail’ yellow envelope in your system tray (the bit by the clock on your screen when you have already read the new message. My usual advice is to switch off the new mail notification if you are using outlook 2003 or later as you can set Outlook to notify you another way by a small message appearing at the bottom right of your screen. Another advantage of this method is that it also gives you the first few lines of the email so you can decide whether to deal with it immediately or leave it. The old new mail notification box that pops up will always be on top when it first pops up, disturbing the way you work.

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