Tuesday, August 16, 2005

heat bad, make andrew mad

Okay the joke's over, c'mon, out from behind the bush, time to call an end to it, we've all had enough of heat for one year. For crap's sake when will this heat end? I'm English, and as such not cut out for sitting in a 35oC office with the ambient light so intense I simply can't see clearly enough to type. It's insane, and if another person says, "oh I just love the summer" I'm going to twat them with my upright fan (while it's still on full blast and minus the saftey guard).

The heat makes me cranky, it fugs my mind, it's like being inside some sort of intense stupifying oven. I swear I've got nothing of any note done for about two months now. Heat saps my very ambition to do anything more than just sit and try to breath shallow. My freinds all think I'm just a whinger, but they get to go to work in offices with air-conditioning, I work at home and I'm trapped in this sweatbox 24/7. We got double glazing this year to try and combat the frosty winds that run right though our house in the depths of winter, I thought in my innocence that they would also keep the heat out as well as in, I guess I'm wrong. We live on top of a hill so I would at least expect some kind of breeze, we do have one, but guesss what, it's HOT.
What is this obsession with hot being good? I think part of the reason it annoys me so much is that I have no control over it. In the winter no matter how cold it gets you can warm up, when it's this hot in the summer there is nothing you can do other than condem your poor weak body to being cooked at unatural tempratures.
This isn't a new thing, I've felt this way every year for as long as I can remember. I even take my holidays to the beach in the depth of winter, everything is so much fresher and clearer when it's cold. The cold sharpens your senses, the heat just shuts them down.

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