Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gym = Achey Breaky Legs

I've recently started going to the gym again, just for a bit of gentle exercise as I get none whatsoever during the day thanks to sitting in front of my laptop writing stuff like this! I was going about six months ago and kinda making up my exercise routine as I was going along, even on the weights machines. Little did I know that I was suffering a spinal injury and making it far worse than it was already. Well I say 'little did I know', but the agony was a bit of a giveaway that I might be doing something wrong! So six months further down the line I'm back at the gym but just on the cycle and walking machine (or wobbling machine when I'm on it). I've had a lot of treatment for my back now and am starting the long slow process of strengthing my knackered vertibre.

I quite enjoy going to the gym now that I've got a little routine going on. I load up my iPod shuffle, grab a decent book and sit on the cycling machine engrosed in my reading and music. My head is fairly unaware that my legs are pumping away at 120 rpm! I've even managed to master reading on the treadmill without falling off! I think I keep other people amused too, I'm reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallery at the moment and keep laughing out loud!

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