Monday, July 18, 2005

self publishing a go go!

Well another fine result of my toil has just been published;

Issue #2 of Beat Motel is now on sale.
Another burst of semi-literate fun containing interviews with The Big and The Ballistics as well as about a billion reviews of gigs, cds, dvds and zines. There's also the usual bunch of miscreants that have scrawled columns and a smattering of imature features about things like yer mates getting drunk and soiling thier slacks! Oh and there's a smart article on Kyuss in there too!

Pay by Card

Pay by Coinage
Stick £1.50 to a bit of card and lob it in the post with a stamped and self addressed envelope (with a 50p stamp) to the address below.
Beat Motel
71 Rectory Road

p.s we trade zines, get in touch!

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