Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Studios and stuff

This afternoon I'm off to go and lay down my final bass parts for this album I'm working on, and I'm really looking forward to it!

I always used to really hate studio recording and found it really stressfully and was ultimately never really all that happy with the results. Then I tried recording a totally different way. Whereas recording used to mean paying by the hour and sitting in a room with no windows trying desperately to get things right. Now recording is a matter of laying the drums down anywhere we choose and are comfortable with then spending a few leisurely days laying down the other instruments, bliss!

And you probably won't be surpised to learn that I've done a website for this great new studio!

Monday, June 27, 2005

HEAT and Music In The Park

Well the heat carries on unabated, this is the hottest summer I can remember and I was born in a drought, but then I guess I wouldn't remember that. In fact I wouldn't even know about it if my mum didn't keep reminding me...

My office is far to hot to work in, it's been getting up to about 37oC in there, in oF that's officially darned hot!

But with any joy this heat will carry on till at least Sunday when my band ZEEB (www.zeeb.co.uk) is playing at Music In The Park in Ipswich, the full line up is here -

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer? I ain't a lizard

Arg, it's so hot here! Well actually the air tempreture is only about 27 oC but for this part of the world that is HOT. I can't work in my office at the moment as it's 33 oC and if I sit in there for too long I go a bit giddy! I've never liked being hot, I'd far rather be cold and if one more person says they LOOOOVE summer then bitches when the sun finally comes out I'll scream, no in fact I won't scream as that sounds like the kind of activity that would only make me hotter, I'd rather go sit in a fridge.

Anyway, a client of mine has launched a couple of freebie books on workplace rehabilitation that look pretty smart - http://www.airmic.com/rehabilitation-guides.asp

Friday, June 17, 2005

Holidays, Brighton and Conferecne Goodies!

You may think I have been ignoring my blog over the last few days and you'd be right, sort of. I've been down in Brighton doing a conference for my main client www.airmic.com I've never been to Brighton but I must say that it's a bloody nice place that I intend to return to soon! It's a somewhere inbetween Felixstowe and Blackpool with thier amusement arcades and boy racers and holiday towns like Southwold that are like God's waiting room!

Check out Southwold -

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hurrah for the BBC and Springwatch!

The BBC is sometimes very good at showing us just why we pay a licence fee to be able to own a television here in the UK. Every few months they run a daily series of programs reporting on the activity of some local wildlife that is being peeped upon by the BBC cameras.

Have a look - http://www.birdcamerabox.co.uk/springwatch.asp

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another new site is born!

I've just finished another new site that I'm really pleased with. A lot of my work appears to be taking me in the direction of small consultancies!

Have a butchers at http://www.1522associates.com/