Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tescos Suck?

Big Plops
As a result of publishing Beat Motel ( I am being send tons of zine by other people. Now if you've never read a zine you won't know that the perfect place in the house to 'absorb' them is the crapper. This morning I was sent a couple of news sheets called SCHnews. Now a news sheet is like a wee one page zine, normally along the lines of something political. Pretty much every political zine I've ever seen is way over to the left, which sits just fine with me. This issue of SCHnews had a bloody great article on Tescos and how they are pontentially damaging small communities. Now I know that it's all too easy to pick on huge corporations and assume they are all evil, and a lot of the political articles I read are generally far too one sided but this article on Tescos presents the fact with no obvious bias. Of course it did angry up my blood, but that all helps the 'movements' along! I'm reprinting this article in issue 2 of Beat Motel but if you can't wait then check it out here -

Best Badges
We've had another good week at , the orders continue to roll in and Steve continues to be able to cope, star that he is! The enamel badges are prooving particulary popular at the moment, check them out here -

Right that's all for today's blog I've gotta go do my week's shopping now, guess where I won't be going!

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