Friday, May 27, 2005

Evasive Cats

Considering how inert my cats are for about 99% of the day you'd think taking a close up photo of their fuzzy faces would be easy. Well anyone with a cat will tell you that when you put a camera in front of a camera they will do one of two things. They'll either put on a full on pose, complete with doe-eyed look and tilted head. Or, they'll insist on sniffing the camera, which I assume is thier way of finding out if they approve of the make and model of your camera or not.

Anyway, the point of all this is that this morning I finally managed to grab photos of the little darlings, have a butchers here -

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Thursday, May 19, 2005

snails and stuff!

I'm trying to create a site for a couple of friends to share thier thoughts. Seems a blog has to be the right way! It's coming soon, but in the mean time here's one of thier drawings -

Friday, May 13, 2005

birds and aliens

Hurrah! A new site I've been working on for a client has now been launched. It's a company that sells bird boxes with integrated cameras, just like you see on the telly! What makes these boxes special is the quality and the price, I'm totally impressed! If you want to check them out go to The great thing about this job was that I got it through a site that I set up for something to do one weekend! That site was , it just goes to show these things are always worth doing! If you want me to make and market a site for you check out my other stuff at

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sleepless new websites

I've been sitting here waiting for a new version of a website to upload ( if you want to see what I've been up to). This experience of being up at silly hours working really reminds me of being back at college when I used to stay up for two or three days in a row.

Something I did want to tell you about was a really smart new band my friend Mafro has started, i DEFY anyone not to like this band, no matter what your tastes are, check them out here -

Sunday, May 08, 2005

goonies and guff

In an attempt to kill the planet a little slower, me and Emma only have one car between us now, which works out fine with me working from home, but yesterday Emma was out playing in the mud (well, gardening really) so I was stranded at home with cuboards that even old mother Hubbard would have exclaimed, "fookin 'ell, where's all the fookin food yah chunts". Well she might have said it like that if she was from a Newcastle housing estate. So I had to call my little sister to the rescue, who kindly drove me to Sainsbollocks. She was almost as much of a shopping killjoy as Emma is, she took Emma's list and didn't let me vary from it at all (with £30 bottles of single malt and army surplus size sacks of chocolate). The shopping came in well under budget, so not wanting to dissapoint Emma's low expectations of me and shopping trips I used the change to buy the Goonies on dvd.

After working all day on a new site for a client (with underwater cameras and stuff, really cool!) the missus and I reclined in the lounge for an evening of reminisant joy with the Goonies. Now I only vaugely remember this film and the last time I saw it was at a night they have at the local cinema where they show old films. These nights are really cool, it's like being 7 years old and watching a film with 200 exciteable mates, and boy are they exciteable! We saw gremlins a few months back and the view of the screen was partially obscured by about 100 stuffed Gizmos being waved above excited little heads! The funniest aspect of these classic films nights is that they show the original prints of the film! So watching a film that's more than 20 years old is interesting to say the least! When the Goonies started the film wasn't even on the projector correctly, we could see half the film, whilst the other half of the screen was taken up by the wee holes at the edge of the celluloid whizzing by and a giant white space that looked prime territory for some crude shadow puppets. After a few minutes whoever the projectionist was woke up and wrestled the film back on track. The rest of the film had so many bits missing and broke down so many times you'd think freddy kruger has been in charge of retrieving this flm from storage. Storage (it has to be said) that must have been in someones basement underneath old cat litter or something judging by the 'quality' of the film before us! Far from annoying the punters the shocking poor quality of the screening only seemed to add to the character of the evening, in fact a huge cheer went up every time the dubbing slipped, portions ran in slow motion or when a huge chunk of the film simply dissapeared!

Ah crap, I've just realised how long I've been writing this, so there will be no conclusion as I have to go outside now and attempt to light the barbeque in a force 9 gale with a gallon of 4star petrol. I'll see you tomorow, unless I become this generation's Simon Weston! Pah, I'll see you whatever, and with photos, cos chick dig scars right?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tescos Suck?

Big Plops
As a result of publishing Beat Motel ( I am being send tons of zine by other people. Now if you've never read a zine you won't know that the perfect place in the house to 'absorb' them is the crapper. This morning I was sent a couple of news sheets called SCHnews. Now a news sheet is like a wee one page zine, normally along the lines of something political. Pretty much every political zine I've ever seen is way over to the left, which sits just fine with me. This issue of SCHnews had a bloody great article on Tescos and how they are pontentially damaging small communities. Now I know that it's all too easy to pick on huge corporations and assume they are all evil, and a lot of the political articles I read are generally far too one sided but this article on Tescos presents the fact with no obvious bias. Of course it did angry up my blood, but that all helps the 'movements' along! I'm reprinting this article in issue 2 of Beat Motel but if you can't wait then check it out here -

Best Badges
We've had another good week at , the orders continue to roll in and Steve continues to be able to cope, star that he is! The enamel badges are prooving particulary popular at the moment, check them out here -

Right that's all for today's blog I've gotta go do my week's shopping now, guess where I won't be going!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Of burberry...

Yesterday I was sat in my office and noticed a burberry cap hovering around by the edge of my garden. On looking out I saw a yoof stsanding in my elderly neighbour's garden trying to force his foot through the middle of my link mail fence. I ventured outside and asked spotty McFuckwit if he had lost something. He retorted in a sort of low frequncy trogladite mumble (you know the one, when teenagers weigh about 6 stone but in a cruel twist of puberty they have a voice like Barry White), he said that him and his posse (or was it Passé) need to get to a street a few gardens down from mine. I told them to go back to the road and walk there that way. Now to get to the point in my neighbours garden that they were now shuffling around in they must have gone over at least four or five other fences, I can only assume they were in althletic training for some sort of garden hurdle race, that would explain the head to toe tracksuits! They were insistant that they go through my garden and then the garden of my neighbour to get to their location and again the spokesmoron pleaded his case. I explained that with the two metre drop into my garden, and the subsequent two metre drop into my neighbours garden (landing in a pond) might not be the best thing for thier fragile looking bodies. They were insistant that no injury would befall them and seemed quite confused and offended with my insistant NO to thier requests, eventually they mooched off to explore what other delights my elderly neighbour's garden had to offer, which is mostly a collection of cat shit in long grass.
I was totally amazed by two things that arose from this encounter;
1 - These yoofs had apparently no concept of the fact that there was anything wrong with being an univited presense in someone elses garden.
2 - With Burberry caps and tracksuits they have obviously never heard of the word 'Cliché'.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wa-hoo I'm blogging and it doesn't hurt a bit!

Welcome to my first proper blog, I'll be using this blog to keep track of my various website and music projects and probably my bowel movements!

I think there's something somewhere that will tell you each time I make a new entry, or you can just come back each day and see what I've been up to! I live a pretty interesting life, some of which I write about in my zine Beat Motel ( so hopefully I'l lhave enough to keep ya interested!


Blogtastic Mate!

Well anyone and everyone seems to be publishing a blog these days, and who am I to be any different! I'm a bloke in the Uk that plays in a band called although not official of course, the true identities of the band members are top secret!

For bread money I run my own internet type company, you can have a butchers at what I do here - In addition to this I'm also a director at another company I started a couple of years ago, we make badges and tons of other cool stuff, you can check that out here - Would you believe it, I have my fingers in yet another pie, I publish a magazine about music and tons of other coolness, it's called Beat Motel and you can check out the latest issue at

I'll be using this blog to talk about what I've been up to both personally and proffesionally and to tell the world about new websites I launch either for myself or for clients.