Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weird writing habits – what are yours?

For as long as I’ve been writing I’ve been fascinated by the habits writers develop, and the funny little superstitions they attribute to their ongoing success.  When I started writing my first book I decided that I would smoke a large cigar while writing the first page of every book I ever wrote form that point on, but that was many years ago, and that book ground to a halt as fast as the cigar habit (thankfully) did.

These days I do all my fiction writing in a certain seat in my lounge, with the net curtain propped up so that I can stare down the street and will inspiration to wander up the pavement and strike me between the eyes.  I also like to have a small pack of Aloe Vera alcohol hand gel with me; it’s not that writing is a dirty business, it’s more that spending a few seconds staring into the middle distance while applying the gel gives me a few moments to ponder the knots that I tie my writing into.

So there are my two little writing habits, but what are yours?  I’d love to know!