Friday, March 25, 2011

Free book Fridays

Generosity is a virtue, and it's nice to be nice, so for the next few Fridays I'll be giving away some books.  The first person to leave a comment on this page after I've announced my Free Book Friday giveaway each week on Twitter will receive a book of my choice, I'll even pay the postage.  If I'm feeling particularly generous I might give away several books each Friday so if you've missed out on one chance it'll be worth your while hanging around for the next opportunity.

There's more to this scheme than a desire to randomly give away a few books - I want to do this as a celebration of the joy that sharing a reading experience brings to our lives.  I'm sure I'm not alone in the desire to share a brilliant book with a friend as soon as I've finished reading it, and these Free Book Fridays give me a chance to enjoy that feeling at every week!  This isn't a new idea, in fact there's an American blog called but they're doing things a little differently to me.

How to get involved with my Free Book Friday giveaways:
  1. Follow me (@andrew_culture) on Twitter
  2. When you see me announce that I'm about to give a book away come to this blog post and leave a comment.  If you're successful then I'll be in touch to get your address off you.
  3. Receive your book, read your book, and hopefully enjoy your book!

Picture is unrelated!
The books might be second-hand, they could be brand new, but either way you'll be getting a book that I've loved reading so much that I want to share it.  You don't need to be a follower of this blog to get involved, but if you fancy clicking the 'follow' button and subscribing to my blog then that would be lovely.

One last thing - I'm afraid I'll only be posting books to UK addresses, sorry!