Thursday, December 30, 2010

Corndog Publishing Zine Distro

CornDog Publishing Zine Distro was a zine distro that I ran for a few years, the distro started by accident after I ended up with boxes and boxes of zines from around the world that I had traded for with copies of my own zine 'Beat Motel'.  I think I was the first UK distro to have a full e-commerce site, and at it's peak CornDog stocked around three hundred titles from all around the world.

But CornDog was a victim of its own success and in the middle of 2010 I made the difficult decision not to take on any more stock.  It was a tough decision but one that had to be made - I ended up spending so much time stocking and promoting other folk's work (for no money, because zine distros never do make any money) that I had no time left to dedicate to any of my own creative output.

Now then Gadgie
As something of a parting shot I published a book collecting together all the best bits of one of my favourite zines, the book is called 'Now Then Gadgie' and can be bought from this very blog on this page-

Beat Motel #10
The only other thing I had in stock when I closed the CornDog Publishing Zine Distro doors was issue #10 of my own zine 'Beat Motel', and that can also be bought on this blog here -

Bye bye CornDog...
So it only remains for me to say fight the good fight, keep on developing this fantastic underground publishing network of ours, and above all keep it non-pretentious!