Friday, May 15, 2009

Bye bye

I have decided to kill one of my oldest sites, This site started as a portal about nine years ago and has been through many different designs and uses, but has always been a dumping ground for web content I couldn't find a home for anywhere else. At its peak it used to make me a tidy sum from Google Adsense but revenues coming from that stream have been steadily dropping for the last few years.

At it's worst/ best took up a remarkable 1.5gb of webspace but after the last rejig we cut that right down to 66.8mb and just under 1000 files! I've been doing a fair amount of work simplifying my online presense recently and getting shot of is just a part of that whole jigsaw.

I'll be moving some of the more popular content to this blog, so you can expect to see a sudden leap in the amount of content here!