Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outlook 2003 folders dissapeared, how to restore them

A user just called me saying that some of his folders in Outlook had 'dissapeared'. I gently asked if he may have accidentily dragged and dropped them off somewhere and he assured me he had searched each of his folders and couldn't find them.

My first instinct was to restore the folders from the backup that ran automatically the night before, unfortunetly this is when I found out there was a problem with backups and this route to a solution wasn't possible!

Slow computers are a thing of the past 

A search on both Outlook and Google Desktop showed that the messages still existed somewhere, but in a location we just couldn't find.

How to restore missing folders in Outlook 2003
I closed outlook and went into task manager to esure the process had also stopped. I then launched Outlook by going to the start button, then choosing run and entering Outlook /resetfolders When Outlook opened up the missing folders had returned.

'Outlook /resetfolders' is what's known as an Outlook Switch, there is a list of the other switches here - http://www.petri.co.il/outlook_2003_command_line_switches.htm

This user uses POP3 mail stored in a PST, that PST is stored on a network location.